Jerak International Marriage Agency - femei from Romania are looking for a serious relationship and marriage.

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1. First, you choose for femei who you would like to meet from our online catalog. Please send us your personal data and some photos we can use for the introduction to this femei.
2. With your personal data and photos we make a personal portfolio from you, this we presented to the select femei and the femei inform us if they are interested in a contact to you.
3. Then we send to you the contact information of the interested femei. Usually, this
needs only some days. Now you can take contact by telephone, e-mail, letter, directly
with the femei . (no-one controlled letters exchange via the agency)
4. We give you the opportunity to introduce you to all femei in our online catalogue who meet your expectations.
5. After you are in contact with some femei, should follow a visit to Romania to meet the woman (femei) personally. If you arrive in Romania, you are picked up from the airport and taken to your hotel. (with costs)
6. English translators can be consulted over our office in Romania. Here, in our office you can have organized your visit and the meetings with the femei. (with costs)
7. Personal advice and support during the complete arrangement expiry. If desired, you can visit us in our office in, ( Wilhelm-Hoffstadt-Str.3, 50226 Frechen, Germany) for a advice conversation.

Frequent question: can the woman visit me in my country first?
Since you are in the personal contact with the femei, of course you also have the possibility of asking the femei for it. Most femei would like to get to know the man in Romania first.

Germania Franta Austria Italia Belgia Elvetia Spania USA Canada Olanda

Prices :

For our services we charge a total amount of 850,- € (including 19 % VAT). 550,- € (including 19 % VAT) have to be paid at once, i.e. after conclusion of the contract. The remaining sum of 300,- € (including 19 % VAT) has to be paid once after the first meeting with a woman. Please pay attention to the fact that the service agreement is valid only for one year and will expire automatically after this period without furhter notice. We charge the fee for the first contact only once no matter how many contacts have been established through our services. Therefore, you have to pay only 850,- € (including 19 % VAT) for a one-year agreement. As a matter or course, you can order our services on the above-mentioned terms after expiration of your contract.

Germania Franta Austria Italia Belgia Elvetia Spania USA Canada Olanda

You can choose between these two methods of payment:

1. Payment by bank transfer: please transfer the amount due

this account:

Jenica Keller

Account number: 156014144

Bank Number: 37050299

Kreissparkasse Köln (Germany)


DE54 3705 0299 0156 0141 44



2. Payment by Western Union transfer: please send the transfer to

this address:

Jenica Keller

Wilhelm-Hoffstadt-Str. 3 6

50226 Frechen


Germania Franta Austria Italia Belgia Elvetia Spania USA Canada Olanda

We will contact you immediately after we have received the money. We will introduce you to the femei of your choice and help you to find the right partner.

Germania Franta Austria Italia Belgia Elvetia Spania USA Canada Olanda

In addition to the above-mentioned services we also offer translation of your letters or other written information to the woman of your choice into Romanian. For this service you have to place a separate order. We charge 15,- €/DIN-A 4 page (including 19 % VAT) for a translation into Rumanian.

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